Attractive Ways of Making Beautiful Rakhis At Home!

Raksha Bandhan is the wonderful celebration of togetherness & love between brother & sister. Rakhi is a sign of the love and affection shared between brothers and sisters. Rakhi is just not a colourful thread. However, it portrays a very special relationship that is shared between siblings.

The market gets flooded with wide range of colourful, designer & beautiful rakhis, 2-3 week ahead of the festival. Have you ever thought about making rakhi at home? A handmade rakhi specially made by you would certainly be an extraordinary gift to your lovely brother. Try out this amazing activity of making rakhi at home.

Here is a guide to make rakhi for dearest brother :

Materials Required

  • Scissors, Glue
  • Sequins, Beads, golden zari and sitaras
  • Cotton and needle thread
  • Toothbrush with hard bristles


  • Get a multicolored silk thread if you wish to craft a colorful rakhi. Keep the length between 25-30 inches. You can also use golden or silver ribbons
  • Fold the bunch of multi coloured thread or golden ribbon to half.
  • Tie a knot onto the ¼ portion of the bunch of tread with the help of cotton thread.
  • This ¼ part of the thread would be designed into a rakhi
  • The rest of the ¾ would be kept as a string for tying around the wrist.
  • Use the toothbrush and rub hard onto the threads and
  • While rubbing hold tightly onto the knot brush
  • Repeated harder strokes of the brush will make the silk threads soft and fluffy.
  • Split the longer piece of the thread into two equal halves and start braiding them.
  • Tie a knot at the end of the thread and brush the ends again.
  • Start decorating the central portion of the thread with beads, sitaras, sequins, religious motifs like Om or swastika etc.
  • With the help of glue, stick them in desired pattern

Thereby, your handmade colourful rakhi is ready. All it needed is your innovativeness, some decorating stuffs and love.