Amazing Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas!

Just like other important rituals of the festival of Raksh Bandhan Rakhi Thali decoration is also important rituals of the festival. Basically the Rakhi Thali is quite same as the Thali made for performing the pooja of the deities. The basic elements of this Rakhi Thali are diya, rice, roli or tika, sandalwood and also few incense sticks. In this thali, the Rakhi threads are kept along with moli.

Earlier people use to decorate a special Rakhi Thali on the festival day or a day before which is still followed by the people but despite of that one can come across a vast and attractive variety of readymade Rakhi thalis in the market s as well. These Rakhi Thali are available in variety of materials as well like silver, stainless steel, brass, copper, plastic made and more. These readymade Rakhi Thali varieties may have fixed containers as well as stands for the various components of the Pooja or may also have complimenting incense stick stands containers for roli and rice, diyas and some extra place to keep sweets.

Essentials of Rakhi Thali decoration

Though the Rakhi Thali decoration can be done as per one’s choice but despite that it is essential to make a Swastika or a symbol of Lord Ganesha in between the thali. Other then that some essential containers are required for Rice, Roli and Water. Also a diya and some incense sticks are important to be placed on a Rakhi Thali. And to never forget is the Rakhi thread and some flowers. A separate thali for variety of sweets offerings can be accompanied with the Rakhi Thali.

Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas:

Floral Thali:

Flowers have always been commonly used for decoration purposes so why not for Rakhi thali decoration? You can make use of different colored flowers to decorate a Rakhi thali. You can fill the entire thali with flower or can decorate the border of the thali. Also decorating a thali with single colored flower petals can be a great idea as well.

Roli-turmeric Thali:

A great way of decorating a Rakhi thali is with roli and turmeric. Both roli and turmeric can be used by mixing them in little water. Now using this liquid, beautiful design can be made on the thali and the vibrant color duo of red and yellow is sure to give the thali a traditional look.

Collage Thali:

Well if you are willing to decorate your thali differently then different paper cutting can be used to decorate a thali. You can either make use of paper cuttings for Raksha Bandhan festival celebrations or can also decorate the thali with a collage photo of your brother with you.

Choco-toffee Thali:

If you are blessed sister with a cute little brother well then this type of Rakhi thali decoration is sure to become very attractive for him. All you need to do is decorate the tahli with variety of chocolates or toffees. Also you can make designs with chocolate syrups like a smiley face and such. And draw separate designs for the divisions on the thali to keep , diya, sweets, Rakhi thread, roli and akshat.