Tradition of Rakhi in Indian Culture!!

Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi is a sacred festival that is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Sharavana Purnima. This pious festival celebrates the unique bond between brothers and sisters. This is a day which truly reflects the lasting love and care between siblings.

Distance is not a barrier at all as brothers staying far away from their sisters visit them to celebrate this special festival together. These days the trend of celebrating Rakhi has changed but the traditions and customs of Rakhi remain unchanged. With the age old tradition, this occasion is anticipated in the same way with loads of enthusiasm and happiness in heart.

As a part of the Hindu culture, sister wakes up early in the morning, take bath and begin the day by making delicious recipes. Thereafter perform puja & various rituals to seek the blessings of Hindu deities. Usually brother and sisters in the family observe fast. The highlight of the festival is the preparation of Rakhi with puja thali by placing beautiful threads i.e. rakhis, rice particles, diya, kumkum, chandan and indian sweets.

Rakhi ceremony is followed by arti which the sister does for her dear brothers. She also apply tikka of kumkum and chandan on his forehead. Tie rakhi around his wrist and wish for his long, healthy & happy life. In return, the brother presents gift to his sweet sister and also promises to protect and take care of her sisters throughout life.

The wonderful Rakhi gifts they get in return depicts that the sisters are being lovingly pampered by their brothers. As no Indian festival is complete without gourmet feast, all the family members get together and enjoy various delicacies.